High Quality Polarized Lenses for eye health and reflection

Benx Sunglasses feature Polarized UV 400 lenses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. These are perfect for keeping eyes safe from the sun and reflecting sun light from surface.

Light to wear

Our sunglasses are ideal for anyone because they are extremely lightweight ,flexible and just perfect to be used as sunglasses. Thanks to TR90 material, it is so comfortable to wear on a daily life and hardly feeling when wearing sunglasses on a face because of its plastic polymer material and special molecular structure.

Anti-Allergic for the skin

Swiss made raw material does not contain any harmful and allergic agent including bisphenol.

Super Elastic for daily life accidents

They are nearly unbreakable and also named as memory eyewear. It returns its original shape after bending or stretching. They can easily bend accordingly to consumers face texture and is resilient for impacts and stress-crack.

Resistant to environmental effects

Ben.x Sunglasses has material grilamid TR90 is a transparent, raw material, with outstanding weathering stability that are very resistant to hot ,cold and shows chemical resistance. GrilamidTR90 offers a very good alternating bending strength that makes it particularly suitable for various applications under dynamic load.

Stable Colours for consumers joy

Enjoy with colours of the Ben.x sunglasses which are very long lasting under favour of UV protected varnish. Ben.x Sunglasses have their own UV protected varnish which provides long lasting colours on the frames.