Benx Tactical

• The frame manufactured from unique engineering raw material.

• Lenses are made of impact resistant polycarbonate material in 2,3mm thick and 8mm diameter.

• Lenses are 100% UV protected and suitable for protecting eyes from sunlight.


• Frames are ultralight and very flexible. They provide high comfort in compelling outdoor activitis and high concentrate required tasks.

• It provides full protection against to bad weather conditions due to its curved shape which covers eye area of the face.

Wide field of view

• It is resistant to high temperature conditions because of its high resistant to over heats.

• It is ballistic protective. It provides wide field of view due to its panoramic feature.


• It comes with cleaning cloth and case.

• Due to Ben.x Tactical frames have thin profile design, ultralight weight and flexiblity they provide high comfort to users.

resistant to harsh weather

• Its provide wide wiev by their panoramic feature.

• It is resistant to harsh weather conditions and impacts.