Mercan Optik is the leading optical frame and sunglasses manufacturer of Turkey since 1997. It has its own developed production facility in Istanbul and manufacture s according to ISO 9001 quality management system. This 5000 m² facility is integrated a business model, covering the entire value chain: design, product development, manufacturing, marketing, logistics and distribution. 

Mercan Optik uses only high end raw materials which is purchased from companies that worldwide recognized by their experience in the chemical industry for years. A comprehensive manufacturing process are followed by our experienced, creative engineers in order to have a high end products. 

Mercan Optik is extremely responsive to requests, it seek s to understand needs and priorities, and it proactively share s ideas and news. Our portfolio of brands such as Benx , Minimix , Benelite , Ondaon , Rococo, and Merl e n serve s different ages, taste and segments in the market and has been delivered in 7 continent and more than 60 countries. Mercan Optik keeps growing in international market with its valuable distributors.
You can also visit our corporate website: Mercan Optik and Asal Optik

Production capacity is vitally important to achieve success both in local and international market. Volume of products can be generated by a production plant or by using current resources to have maximum output. Mercan Optik assures its partners with the strong production capacity.

A wide range of collection helps distributors purchasing partially to reduce undisposed goods risks and enable them to satisfy all kind of taste by offering many different models and colors . We follow the trend and fashion and create new models to keep the collection wider and ad d to the stock continuously to avoid disruption to supply .

Mercan Optik carries out continuously research and development activities in order to improve product quality and increase our work efficiency. We keep developing most demanding models to support our growing. 

We help our distributors for their success in the country they operate. High stock capacity and integrated production line enable us to serve our customers quickly . In addition , we have supportive a dvertising materials , which can be provided to the distributors free of charge. Besides , we are always open for any kind of offer for marketing purpose of our brands.