Sunglasses Suitable For Your Face Shape

Sunglasses suitable for the face shape should be preferred to make the right choice when buying sunglasses. If the sunglasses that we will always wear do not fit our face shape, they may not look nice as desired. Mercan Optik offers suitable eyeglasses models for all face types. Just learn your face shape and find out which models are the most suitable for you.

Sunglasses Suitable for Round Face Shape

If your face is proportional to the width and length and the line between your forehead and your hair is quite long, you have a round face shape. Choosing a sunglasses model is not hard if you have a round face shape. Many different glasses models can give you the look that you want.

If we consider women with a round face shape, it is recommended to choose models with high depth. You may prefer the eyewear that has a slightly large appearance. Especially dark sunglasses are one of the best choices for you.

Men with a round face shape should always choose angular eyeglasses. Rectangular or square frames are the right choice. Round frames should be avoided. Dark sunglasses can also give a quality appearance.

Sunglasses Suitable for the Heart-Shaped or Triangular Face

If you have a wide forehead and a narrow jaw, you have a heart-shaped or triangular face. The upper part of your face is relatively wider than the lower part. The sunglasses should balance this situation.

Choosing eyeglasses can be very easy for women with a heart-shaped or triangular face. The cat-eye glasses are ideal for you. Butterfly-shaped or rectangular models also will be the right choice for you. In short, never hesitate to use cool eyeglasses.

For men, there are fewer options. Rectangular and drop-shaped eyeglasses can be shown as models suitable for men with a heart-shaped face. Although there are not many types of eyeglasses suitable for the face shape, you should know that there are thousands of models. Since rectangular or drop-shaped models are highly preferred, it will not be difficult to find the exact product you are looking for. Dark rectangular frames will be lifesaver anytime.

Sunglasses Suitable for Square Face Shape

If the distance between the forehead, cheekbones, and chin is the same, and your forehead and jawline is quite wide and prominent, you have a square face shape. It won't be hard to find the right sunglasses. Because all the models with soft lines are ideal for you.

Women with a square face shape should always prefer sunglasses with oval and round shapes. Round models balance the square face shape and look much better on you. You will have a variety of color options for the eyewear model of your choice. You can easily choose the glasses that match your hair and skin color.

This also applies to men with a square face shape. Round eyeglasses are also the right choice for men. Round eyeglasses generally give a bohemian-style appearance to men. However, dark round sunglasses can also be very stylish.

Sunglasses Suitable for Rectangular Face Shape

If the width of your face is the same with the width of your forehead line, you have a rectangular face shape. Since your face has a long appearance, large eyeglasses will fit you well. If you have a rectangular face shape, you don't need to worry about the size of your eyeglasses.

Rectangular face shape is not common among women. Although there are many women with this face shape across the world in general, this rate is quite low in Turkey. Women with a rectangular face shape should always prefer thick eyeglass frames. Cat-eye models or butterfly models fit well with this face shape. You can easily use drop-shaped models.

Unlike women, the number of men with a rectangular face shape is quite high. Men may find it a bit difficult to prefer frames that are too thick. For this reason, models with a thick upper part can be preferred. Rimless drop models are also suitable for this face shape.

Sunglasses Suitable for Oval Face Shape

We know that we need to choose sunglasses suitable for our face shape. But what if all sunglasses are right for our face shape? You may think that nobody can be so privileged. However, people with oval face types are exactly the people who fit this definition. If the width and length of the face are proportional and if your face is getting slightly narrower towards your chin, you have an oval face shape.

Women with an oval face shape can easily use almost any model. Rectangular models, drop-shaped models, round models, cat eyes, butterfly models, and many other models you can think of are suitable for this face shape. If you have an oval face shape, we recommend you focus on different factors when choosing sunglasses.

Many different models are also available for men with an oval face shape. Drop-shaped models, round models, or rectangular models will be the right choice. Very large frames can be shown as the only type that does not fit men with an oval face shape. However, you don't need to worry as these models are not very common.