Eyewear Manufacturer


With the development of know-how and technology in recent years, eyewear production has become more advanced and technically efficient. With the use of technology to facilitate the sense of vision, which is among the basic needs of people, a large market has emerged in the world of eyewear manufacturers at present. The companies that produce eyeglasses are at a very good point in meeting today's needs and they utilize the right processes to produce healthy, high-profile, unique eyewear. 

In eyewear manufacturing, which has a special production process, both sunglasses and prescription glasses go through an important quality control process in terms of health or appearance according to the eyewear industry and trade area. Today, 80% of optical goods in Turkey are imported. While most eyewear imports are from the USA worldwide, lenses and glasses have the biggest share. This also applies to the trade volume of optics companies in Turkey.

How Are Eyeglasses Produced? 

In Turkey, there more than 80 companies that produce eyeglass frames. Eyeglass frame production is divided into two groups as domestic and imported products. While the companies generally provide wholesale eyeglasses in the eyewear industry, more widespread and increased use of prescription eyeglass models have become available in recent years. With the changes in fashion, as it has become an important aspect in human life, and conditions in Turkey, different eyeglass frames are preferred in the course of time and the market adapts itself to changing needs thanks to replaceable lenses. In this way, various models are presented with increased quality in line with the change.

Preparation and planning, are the foremost processes in eyewear production, besides quality control. The production process follows preparation and planning, then the eyeglasses are offered to the end-user after assembly and packaging processes. Eyeglass frames are prepared and offered as plastic and metal frame models suitable for use as prescription glasses or sunglasses.

What Do Eyewear Companies Pay Attention to in the Production Process?

When producing eyeglass frames, attention is paid to their raw materials, since different materials have different characteristics. All calculations such as the width of the bridge, the size of the frame, or the length of the temple are made in the planning process. Then it is standardized for production, and an error-free production line process begins with the best molds.

A meticulous working process is essential in eyeglasses production and the working staff should also pay attention to this issue. The production of eyeglass frames requires completely professional work discipline. It is also important for the industry that it is a field with specialists producing faultless works and with solutions without error as the product will fit directly to a person. Therefore, eyeglasses should be stylish and of the desired quality, and of a good model that looks nice on the face. 

In the production line, the area must be in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Industry as permitted. Eyewear manufacturers must have obtained the necessary permissions at this point. In addition, the production and quality control lines in the eyewear factory are still important today while performing the inspections to be updated in accordance with the needs in the domestic production. Together with the importance of quality certificates such as ISO and CE, a quality production line with a 2-year warranty becomes a necessity. It is possible to keep the production line strong at all times, with the domestic production certificate by the Ministry of Industry for the production of eyeglasses.